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September 24, 2012—Review on The Gray Area

June 8, 2012—5 Star Review on Indy Reader

June 6, 2012—Best New Chick Lit WINNER of Indie Reader Discovery Awards

May 26, 2012—Interview on Tales From A Bar Stool

May 18, 2012—Finalist in Indy Reader Discovery Awards

January 11, 2012—Review on Chick Lit Central 

December 3, 2011—Radio Interview on Grilliant Ideas/Blog Talk Radio

November 22, 2011—Review in The Examiner

November 21, 2011—Interview in The Dating MarketPlace

November 10, 2011—Guest Post on Physical Dealbreakers in Betty Confidential

November 9, 2011—Guest Post on Mean Girls in Betty Confidential 

November 3, 2011—Mention in The Charlotte Post

October 13, 2011—Bookworm Ink Review

October 11, 2011—Guest Post in The Daily Loaf 

October 9, 2011—Radio Interview with Josefa Salina, Hot 92.3FM

October 6, 2011—Review on Luxury Reading.

October 5, 2011—Mention in AZ Foothills Magazine

October 1, 2011—Mention in AZ Foothills Magazine.

September 26, 2011—Radio Interview with Patti Hulstrand on KWOD Blog Talk Radio

September 26, 2011—Television Interview with Scott Passmore on Good Morning Arizona 

Lennie Ross & Scott Passmore on Good Morning Arizona (Click photo to access interview)

September 24, 2011—Radio Interview on Voice of The Valley with Christina Wagner KFNX News Talk Radio

September 20,2011—Radio Interview on Broad Topics, LA Talk Radio

Septemer 18, 2011—Radio Interview on KTEP FM, El Paso, TX

September 15, 2011—Radio interview on The Makeover Advice Show with Diane Faith, KFNX News Talk Radio

September 9, 2011—Chick Litaholic Review

August 29, 2011—Radio Interview On The Larry Love Show

August 19, 2011—Blog Talk Radio Interview with Jon Hansen

August 18, 2011—Radio interview on The Makeover Advice Show with Diane Faith, KFNX News Talk Radio

August 16, 2011—Steph The Bookworm Review

August 15, 2011—Bookshipper Review

August 11, 2011—Chick Lit Bee Review

August 8, 2011—Bitch Lit Review

August 7, 2011—Just Jump Guest Blog

August 7, 2011—Just Jump Review

August 6, 2011—Books Etc. Review

August 5, 2011—Baffled Books Review

August 3, 2011—Chick Lit Plus Review

August 1, 2011—Print interview on The Writer's Corner

July 21, 2011—Print Interview on Chicklit Central Blog

June 2, 2001—Radio Interview on The Makeover Advice Show with Diane Faith, KFNX News Talk Radio 1100AM


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