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Author Lennie Ross makes her debut as a Chick Lit novelist with a tale of sex, dating and disappointment in the City of Angels.

Blow Me is the story of three single women—Skylar, Dawn, and Chloe—all hovering precariously close to forty, and stuck in a lifestyle that they have long outgrown. Aware that the women's magazines of their youth sold them a false bill of goods about having it all—the amazing career, the baby, the house, the husband—each woman is desperate in her own way to achieve some sense of stability. Skylar, a hairdresser/executive assistant who lost her job and burned down her apartment after a fondue party, is living out of her car; Chloe, a struggling actress/real estate agent with a heavy French Canadian accent who has never sold a house and doesn't have her SAG card, is trying to find a way to stay in the United States; and Dawn, an MBA-educated dating service matchmaker who can't find a decent guy, is hedging her bets against the ticking clock by freezing embryos. Not having achieved any of their goals, their lives are in complete chaos and their only hope now is to be rescued through marriage or by a Hairy Godfather. Situated in the shallow world of Los Angeles, this provocative novel in the style of Sex and the City provides a humorous, edgy look at aging, dating, and being single in the new millennium.

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