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Lennie Ross has worked as a copywriter for over 20 years in a variety of mediums including print, television, web and radio. She continues to offer writing services to a select clientele. Her extensive experience in sales, marketing, advertising and television commercial production combined with her passions for food, wine, travel, health, beauty, fitness, and fashion make her a powerful copywriter for a broad variety of clients. 

Lennie started her career writing 250 word magazine articles. Words were a luxury and had to be chosen with great care. Honing her writing skills and challenging her vocabulary this way facilitated her ability to write succinct advertising copy—now ideal in this era of texting, tweeting, and posting on Facebook. Social media has created an abundance of consumers who unconsciously struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder. Writing impactful copy that is brief, powerful and memorable has never been so important in capturing their attention and securing a little nugget of space in their densely populated cranial real-estate. You need to grab your prospective clients' attention and give them a reason to remember you in as few words as possible.

Lennie's recent clients have included:


Restaurants/Food Trucks/Food Products

Fashion Designers

Health & Beauty Products

Personal Trainers/Fitness Studios

Fitness & Nutrition Products


Whether in need of blog post entries or entire branding and image consulting, every client has his or her own unique needs and budget. For that reason, Lennie doesn't post her writing fees on her website. Projects where Lennie has extensive product and market knowledge require less research than those where she doesn't. Since fairness is essential to Lennie, she finds it unreasonable to calculate an hourly rate prior to understanding the full scope of a project. She would rather not take on a project than take on a project that is not a good fit.

Lennie can also help with streamlining your website and social media marketing. Depending on your needs, she has excellent resources in website design, photography, and social media marketing. 

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